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Magento Website Development

We offer the best Magento services to all kinds of companies ranging from new startups to a full-blown enterprise.

Max Vision Solutions is a Magento development company with a group of highly creative and versatile members who believe in offering services that are specific to Magento eCommerce development. We aim to provide a one-stop solution for all your needs related to Magento or Magento website development.


About Magento eCommerce

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform written and developed in PHP, which provides online merchants with a flexible e-Cart system, as well as the entire control over their online store like looks, content and the functionality. Magento provides powerful Catalog Management, marketing and search engine optimization tools.

Magento is the foremost enterprise class eCommerce platform. Every 1 out of 4 online eCommerce websites is based on Magento. Authorizing more than over 200,000 online retailers to date around the globe. These days, Magento comes to number one in eCommerce website design and development. There are several reasons for choosing Magento as your eCommerce website platform.

Magento’s Capability to scale permits shops with very fewer products and simply needs to easily evolve to tens of thousands of products and complex custom behavior without changing platforms. It offers several themes and plugins which are very useful in enhancing customers experience. Magento is designed to be used as an application by a person who is not a developer.

We offer the best Magento services to all kinds of companies ranging from new startups to a full-blown enterprise. You can collaborate with us in various ways as per your needs and requirements. If you think you don’t need our services on a full-time basis, you can hire our Magento expert developers on a monthly, weekly, or even hourly basis.

Magento Development Services

Our custom Magento development services aim to simplify everything about online stores right from updates to strategic features for a competitive edge.

Magento Website Development

Magento Development

We recognize what you require. We are sufficiently talented to understand the most advanced thoughts that you can ever envision. Simply share them with us.

Magento Themes Development

Magento Themes Development

We create the store you need for your business to continue to grow and succeed. Magento is a modular solution, meaning you’re in control of how your site looks and performs.

Magento Extensions Development

Magento Extensions Development

Magento extensions developed by us are of different purposes made to upper hand a broad range of e-Store holders. Every one of them has been thoroughly developed and tested.

Magento Maintenance Services

Magento Maintenance Services

We provide excellent Magento website maintenance and development service. If you are finding a quick fix or improvement in your existing website based on Magento, then you are at right place.

Magento 3rd Party Integration

Magento 3rd Party Integration

We have a team of dedicated support which offers Custom and third-party integration with systems and APIs to continually improve customer experience and engagement levels.

Magento Marketplace Integration

Magento Marketplace Integration

We offer Magento Marketplace integration by which you can make the presence of your store and products on popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay etc. we have a team of qualified professionals that provide excellent Magento marketplace integration service.

Hire Magento Website Development Company

Magento website development is perfect for all e-commerce websites, whether you just start with it or have an established platform with many visitors. Magento is a platform that is open-source and allows you to customize the platform as per your needs and requirements. The reason Magento is a top choice for many developers is that it offers open-source codes which help in making complete customization easy within the e-commerce framework.

Several Magento templates make it easier to customize. However, the development of an e-commerce website requires much more than merely developing the template. Therefore, when you get in touch with a Magento development company like ours, you will see that we offer a complete solution for your e-commerce website. If you have an already existing website, we even help you transfer it to Magento in the easiest possible way. In addition to that, if you want an upgrade from your older version to a new one, we do that too. In short, we do everything to make your Magento website run in the best possible way.

Magento can really help you make the most out of your e-commerce website. It has a user-friendly backend, shopping cart framework as well as amazing customization options. So, if you hire Magento programmers from Max Vision Solutions, you get the best services and the most user-friendly website that even your customers will enjoy visiting. If you have an effective design on your Magento website, you can keep up with all the new developments in the field and keep updating your website according to the changes happening in the field.

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Our Magento Stack

Our team has experience of working with Magento since its first version, so we have grasped all the intricacies involved. We have the right skills to give you the Magento development services in the best possible way.

Nginx web server

Nginx web server

Nginx web server is configured and installed in order to offer a balance of portability, flexibility, and high performance. Having tested and used Nginx on Magento for several years, we have good experience of working with it.

Percona Database

Percona Database

Percona database can help in enhancing the scalability, performance, features as well as instrumentation. It has support for high-performing hardware and also self-tuning algorithms, so it is a great choice for Magento.

Elasticsearch Stack

Elasticsearch Stack

Elastic Stack offers open source products that come from Elastic design in order to help users take data from any of the sources and in any format of their choice. It also makes it possible to visualize, analyze, and search the given data in real time.

Varnish cache

Varnish cache

Cache servers can help in reducing the load on the servers that run the database and hence improve the performance of the website. Varnish ESI can help in Full page caching with hole-punching.

REDIS cache


Redis is an advanced and open source key-value store. It is also referred to as a server of data structure since keys sometimes contain hashes, sets, lists, strings, and sorted sets.



Memcached is used to increase the speed of dynamic websites that are data- driven. It does that by caching objects and data in the RAM in order to reduce the total amount as well as a number of times a source of external data is read.

Why Choose Max Vision Solutions?

If you want to hire dedicated Magento developers, Max Vision Solutions is the right place for you. Max Vision Solutions is a team of highly professional individuals who provide services to Magento eCommerce websites and offer a comprehensive Magento website development services.

Coding Standards Are Maintained

Maintaining coding standards is very important to ensure that the website is perfectly functional at all times. We are aware of all these standards and maintain them to make sure your website is always up and running. We pay full attention to ensure that your website runs smoothly. When you hire Magento programmer from Max Vision Solutions, you can be assured that all the coding standards will be maintained.

Coding Standards Are Maintained
Dynamic Support Team

Dynamic Support Team

We understand that your website is one of the most critical elements in your business, and it needs to be running well at all times. Therefore, we have a dynamic support team at your disposal in case something goes wrong. Our customer support team is well-trained to help you with your query. You can always drop an email, chat, or call our customer care executives to get your queries registered and sorted.

Certified Developers of Magento

We have certified developers of Magento to make sure that you get the best Magento development service when you collaborate with us. All our experts work towards a common objective of giving the best to our clients. We leave no stones unturned to provide 100% client satisfaction in development Magento.

Dynamic Support Team

We Serve All Industry

We Transform Businesses, Not only Websites

StartUps Industry Website Design

StartUps Website Design

Best startup website design services providing by Max Vision company in INDIA.

Enterprise Industry Website Design

Enterprise Website Design

We specialize in creating stunning websites with great UI/UX related to Enterprise Industry

Medical & Healthcare Industry Website Design

Medical & Healthcare

Responsive Medical Web Design for Doctors, Medical Practices, HealthCare, Hospitals.

Schools & Institutions Industry Website Design

Schools & Institutions

We are offering world-class web Designing services to Schools and Institutes Industry.

Entertainment & Media Industry Website Design

Entertainment & Media

We offers best web design & development services for various media and entertainment.

Tourism Industry Website Design


We design and develop website according Tourism industries requirements.

Food & Beverage Industry Website Design

Food & Beverage

We design and develop custom Website for restaurant, food shop, Beverage Industry.

Real Estate Industry Website Design

Real Estate

We will design WordPress website for real estate Industry.

Beauty & Fashion Industry Website Design

Beauty & Fashion

Our Bespoke WordPress Website Design Service for Beauty & Fashion Industry.

Related Magento Services

"Services that we offer are also comprehensive. So, we can be a one-stop solution for all your needs related to Magento. This is something that really makes us stand apart because we offer you everything under one roof."

Server Management

We offer services as well as packages related to Magento Server Management and monitoring. So, if your server is down for some reason or you face any kind of web-stack error, we can quickly fix your server and bring it back to you. Our package on server management includes Monitoring, Response,Debug, Prevention. Therefore, with the help of this package, you can easily resolve most of your Magento errors related to its web stack and servers. Therefore, if you want regular server management, you can get in touch with us and check out our server management package.

Server Installation

As a part of our server installation service, we include Varnish HTTPS cache setup, PHP-FPM 7.2 along with lzf, Redis, snappy and opcache. It also includes system packages and updates on a regular basis. In addition to that, you also get Percona 5.7 along with my.cnf optimization as well as Nginx latest mainline with vhost and config. Some other services are letsencrypt configuration, malware scanner, firewall installation, Redis Magento Cache with two sessions and email alerts for service status. All this is included in our service installation package. However, if you want something extra, you can always get in touch.

Server Optimization

Server optimization is another product offered by us, and we give support for 90 days for this product. It is used for firewall setup, dashboard installation, and security log. It also allows for database tuning as well as serve OS tuning. We help with security patches and updates as well. There are optimization advice and templates cleanup along with Nginx and php-fpm configuration. Some other services as a part of server optimization include blacklist optimization and email delivery, Redis for cache storage and sessions, upgrade and optimization of Plesk systems and cPanel, Web optimization best practices, Nginx Google Pagespeed, and Varnish FPC as well as SSL cache.

Magento Upgrade

The Magento upgrade is the migration from Magento 1 to 2, and it includes all essential things such as orders, customers, products, and store settings. You can add additional services too such as the installation for Magento 2 only if it is provided and installation of new extensions for Magento 2 if it is provided. The things that are not included are a custom theme, extensions migration, server setup, migration of custom code, custom extensions data, and migration of custom attributes. You can get in touch with us to get more details about any other specific services that you might need while we do your Magento upgrade.

Security Audit

We also offer services related to Magento security audit, which includes a complete Magento server malware scan and the removal of all kinds of malware. We also provide Magento backdoors scan and Magento malware scan. In addition to that, our services also include Magento patches installation, firewall setup, server packages upgrade, and Apache/Nginx security settings. The security audit service offered by us is aimed at helping your website in case of any issues. It is a good practice to do it frequently so that you are assured that your website is completely safe and secure. You can get in touch with us to find out more details.

Custom Configuration

We also offer custom configuration services for Varnish https cache, firewall configuration and installation and Magento patch installation. In addition to that, we also provide Odoo/ERP installation, Magento extensions installation, and Nginx page speed. Moreover, we have Certbot config and Full antispam as well as e-mail server. Hence, you can get in touch with us for highly customized services for your Magento website.

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