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Cab Booking Web and Mobile Applications like Uber and Ola

Cab Booking Web and Mobile Applications like Uber and Ola

to travelling around the world and the immense popularity of such apps has made our brilliant team of IT professionals come up with ideas of our own. On-demand apps not only provide services at your doorstep but also make sure you have access to a plethora of trusted teams who are the best at what they do. Our dream of adding a valuable addition to this ever-expanding industry has finally been turned into reality.
Our 5 years of extensive experience in revolutionizing website design and development services give us an edge over the rest as we have completed over a thousand projects that have made all of our 1500 clients successful.

Max Vision Solutions, as the name suggests is aimed at providing visionary solutions to our customers who are on the lookout for developing on-demand service-providing applications. Currently, we've been inspired by cab booking apps like Uber and Ola and come up with a perfect e-commerce solution for your cab needs for both customers and drivers.

Our new development

We pride ourselves on being an on-demand taxi booking script provider that can immensely help all taxi drivers who are looking to connect with a genuine and trustworthy team that will help them provide customers with efficient service. Our cab booking script is not only affordable but also focused on excellence because we believe that the best things in life don't cost much.
Our months of research and work enabled us to create the cab app for PaYNTaxi in just three months which shows the dedicated effort of our team who is willing to stop at nothing but perfection.
Our creative team has come up with a three-app system which consists of one app for drivers and two apps for customers that is sure to change the on-demand service industry in not only India but on a global scale.

Some specifications of our wonderful application:

  • Our taxi booking web application is developed on the most advanced technology: Laravel PHP Framework, angularJs, Sass, and HTML5. Also, it is based on a modular structure making it very easy to maintain and use.
  • This development of ours stands out from the crowd because you can not only book a cab through our mobile app but also through our website.
  • We develop mobile apps for drivers and customers to make each of their experiences memorable. The app for drivers is for Android devices only but we have two apps for customers: one that can be downloaded from the Play Store and the other from the Apple Store.


The ride to your destination is just a tap away

MVS provides a cab booking service app that can be accessed not only on your Android/iPhone but also through our website. Our cab application is pretty much an Uber clone with a little special touch. Not only is our taxi booking app the smartest way to travel but also the most convenient way. After choosing the type of cab you want, type in your location to get details of the driver and track their location on the map. After you get to your destination, the choice to pay by cash or card is completely yours.
So next time you want a ride to the airport want to get home after a drunk night or even just want to pop in and surprise your favorite aunt, we've got you covered with our efficient service that guarantees nothing but 100% satisfaction every time.

Magic behind the wheel

Our driver application for Android phones makes your job seem like an adventure with a GPS that will guide you to the destination with precision. Along with the earnings that come with the job, you get to meet different kinds of people who have stories to tell and whose stories and journeys you will be a part of.

Safety comes first

Whether driving upfront or riding in the backseat, our team at MVS has kept your safety and security at the very top of our priorities to make your journey a happier one. Every day we come up with new ways and technology to ensure that every ride is the safest one you've ever been on.
For all the riders, the driver's information including his license plate number, name, and photo will be available on the app so that even after a drunk or sober night, you'll get back any belongings you left behind in the cab.
For all the drivers, you will have access to the customer's contact and payment information so you will know exactly who you are going to be sharing the journey with.
Also since we have access to every trip you take, we will know exactly where your location is at any given time.

We are at your beck and call 24/7

Our dedicated team is at your beck and call anytime you have a query about our services or your driving/riding experience. Your feedback is very valuable to us to make our app/website your go-to cab application any time and every time you have a destination in mind. We strive to make every city a safer place for everyone and we provide rapid responses in case of any urgent situation and provide all the help we can to law enforcement if required.

The impact we hope to create

With the increasing rate of unemployment in India and the world, we hope to remedy that situation to a great extent by welcoming individuals into our team as drivers. Also, our powerful combination of affordable cab rates and safe, around-the-clock service will benefit anyone who's looking for a ride.
We help those who want to have a fun responsible night out by discouraging drunk driving with our efficient services.

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