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What's new in Laravel 9

What's new in Laravel 9: New features of Laravel 9


Laravel is one of the most prevalent PHP web application systems known for its rich language structure. It's an MVC (model–view–controller) structure for building easy to complex web applications, utilizing the PHP programming language, and it follows the MVC engineering design stringently. Laravel generally expects to make the progression cycle smoother and quicker. Along these lines, they consistently search out new deliveries with new functionalities, highlights, advancements, and more. Its elements and functionalities are so well developed that it aces the PHP framework for web app development.

Laravel 9

Laravel 9, scheduled to be released by September 2021, was pushed to be released by January 2022 (and later February 2022). This made this Laravel development to be the first Long Term Support (LTS) delivery, launched following the 12-month release cycle. However, this delay in the launch was a result of multiple reasons that are given as follows:

  • Laravel utilizes assortments of local area-driven projects and around nine Symfony libraries. Nonetheless, Symfony was planning the establishment of version 6.0 by November 2021. The delay was a window that permitted the Laravel group to consolidate this new form of Symfony as a feature of Laravel 9.
  • The postponement provided the Laravel team with a golden opportunity to screen how Laravel cooperated with the new rendition of Symfony for the next two months. It likewise gave them the benefit of space to address any breaking changes or bugs.
  • The deferment also gave the Laravel team a chance to improve positions for yearly future releases as it gave the team an additional two months.

New Features of Laravel 9

Laravel 9 continues the improvements made in Laravel 8.x by introducing a set of new features that are given below:

  • Minimum PHP Requirement- Laravel 9, as a framework, is exclusively dependent upon Symfony’s latest v6.0 release, which depends on PHP 8. Laravel 9 establishment requires the most modern type of PHP 8, PHP Unit 9, and different essentials determined inside what's in store. PHP 8 has effective enhancements, and highlights, from the JIT (Just-In-Time) compiler to constructor property advancement.
  • PHP 8 String Functions- Since Laravel 9 targets PHP 8, Laravel consolidated this PR, recommending using the most cutting-edge PHP 8 string capabilities. These capabilities consolidate the utilization of str_contains (), str_starts_with(), and str_ends_with () inside the Illuminate Support Str class. It'll most certainly bring portions of bug fixes, highlights, and various advancement changes.
  • Anonymous Stub Migration- The anonymous stub migration highlight was first introduced in Laravel 8.37 to tackle the GitHub issue. The issue concerns numerous migrations in a similar class name and can cause issues while endeavoring to reproduce the whole database. The feature in Laravel development disposes of migration class name crashes.
  • New Query Builder Interface- With Laravel 9, type hinting is excessively dependable for refactoring, idle examination, and code fulfillment in their IDEs. That is because of the requirement for a shared point of interaction or legacy between Query Builder, Eloquent Builder, and EloquentRelation. In any case, with Laravel 9, specialists can now partake in the new query developer interface for type hinting, refactoring, and static examination.
  • Flysystem 2.0- Laravel 9 has moved from Flysystem 1.x to 2.x. In the engine, the Flysystem controls all of the record control systems given by the Capacity veneer.
  • Symfony Mailer- One of the most significant changes in Laravel 9 is the move from Swift Mailer, which is not generally kept up as of December 2021, to Symfony Mailer.

With these web app developments, Laravel 9 is rich and adaptable and has become one of the most accepted systems for designers and organizations working with PHP.

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