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Universal Solution for Rupee symbol on websites

Universal Solution for Rupee symbol on websites

These solutions are for the website user, it Rupee symbol is not seen on your PC, then it means the website uses a Unicode version I faced many clients' questions & reviews regarding adding the Rupee symbol '₹' on their websites. It's a very common issue and there are many solutions available to relate it. You can do it with Google digging.

Where is universal?

But this is not a unique solution because it replaces something with other things. Also as Unicode Technical Committee added this symbol in to Unicode and gave the position of U+20B9.

An important thing about this is, it's already accepted in different systems. Unix/Linux are the very first in this list. After that Mac and Windows 8 also support this Unicode.

Relation with the web?

The solution will be different for different users.

If you are the owner of a website with the display of the Rupee symbol, I suggest using the support of this Unicode feature, because it's universal and accepted by most of the system. It is also good for SEO purposes. Most websites especially shopping carts already use these features. You just need to put any of these formats of symbols:-
Unicode: U+20B9 or HTML: ₹

Now what happens? it will display on some systems (Basically supported Rupee) but most of them still can't see. It is due to the users' OS can't read this code or they just didn't have a supported font. Now the universal solution is to provide them with such a font. Here is the most common solution for it,

Download contents, and upload them to your website's CSS directory. and include the rupee.css on the website. This CSS contains font for the Rupee symbol and most importantly it is available globally for all website users without injecting JavaScript or any third party. One last thing required is to set up this CSS according to your theme or template system. Like your rupee symbols in <span>tag, so just put


The other way you can manipulate CSS accordingly.
Now what is the other solution?

These solutions are for the website user, it Rupee symbol is not seen on your PC, then it means the website uses a Unicode version of it and you need to update your system to support font. Luckily Microsoft has given an update to support it, you can get it from

Note:- Specially for Prestashop users, The Github files are already set for Prestashop, so just put CSS in the header.tpl as

If you have any questions regarding this topic, Please feel free to ask

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