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difference between twitter and facebook

What is the difference between twitter and facebook?

page, it shows the fame of Facebook. Twitter and Facebook are extensive Social Networking platform that provides the means to keep in touch.

A social networking site has made everyone's life simple and enjoyable. Facebook is like an assembly. You will have an opportunity to connect to your known ones, your family members, and others whom you don't know. Without knowing and meeting them you can make them your friend. Facebook is a great place to make new relations, Digital marketing and it also can also be useful to find a life partner. On the other hand, Twitter gives you a feature where people have the independence to follow anyone. Both Facebook and Twitter have their advantages and disadvantages. Both give many opportunities to users. Facebook gives you a chance to meet strangers but Twitter doesn't have the quality. You can do online chatting on Facebook on the other hand Twitter doesn't have the service for online chatting. Facebook seems very easy and user-friendly with respect to Twitter.

Facebook provides instant messaging, video and image sharing, email, etc. Facebook gives much more services in comparison to Twitter, you can create your group for group chat or to get more strangers to contact and also create your Facebook page to get famous by getting many likes on your page and posts.

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